• Specialist in
    cheese production technology

    From the manufacture of stand-alone equipment to the design and installation of turnkey production lines

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For the production of cooked and uncooked pressed cheeses

We provide efficient
integrated solutions

Turnkey installations

We offer complete integration of your production line

Stand-alone equipment

We provide a comprehensive range of stand-alone equipment

Specialist in
cheese production technology

Who we are

Historically located in the heart of Franche-Comté (France), a region renowned for its exceptional PDO cheeses, the company has developed its expertise around local heritage, cheesemaking traditions and state-of-the-art technology. With a strong presence in France, we have expanded our operations worldwide, contributing to the influence of France’s recognised excellence in the cheese production industry.


Years’ experience


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M² production facilities



A French company

Steap Stailor Group

Steap Stailor Group is a French family-owned SME founded in 1980. A specialist in liquid and semi-liquid processes in the food processing, health and biotechnology sectors, the group has developed and diversified its areas of expertise to become a leader in industrial integration in France and across the world.

Stand-alone equipment

Our solutions

Cheese production vats

Cheese production vats

Two different types of cheese vats available

Moulding and pressing units

Moulding, pre-pressing, pressing

bac saumurage


From manual loading to fully automatic

laveuse - EVOCLEAN ROTA 600


A new cleaning machine designed for the cheese production industry

The cheese industry of the future


We provide solutions for the cheese industry of the future, staying true to cheesemaking tradition whilst having a firm focus on innovation, registering a number of patents. Based on the fundamental principles of customer feedback and continuous improvement, Research and Development is at the heart of our process to make the technology of the future.

Our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy

Our commitments


Health – Safety

Ensure the health and safety of everyone in our company



Consider environmental impact from the design stage onwards



Optimise TCO of equipment and time to market

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Play our part in civil society

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