The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is our primary concern. In line with our HSE policy based on the MASE (manual for the improvement of safety in companies) standards and implemented across the Steap Stailor group to harmonise methods and behaviours, Evoli takes the necessary measures to ensure the set regulations are applied at each stage of a project.

Management are heavily invested in matters of safety, and rely on an HSE Coordinator to ensure everyone complies with the company’s policy, as set out in a number of documents: HSE manual, HSE rules, registration documents etc. The policy takes into account material aspects, PPE, procedures, equipment, plant safety, and also includes safety awareness, training and communication. Each project is treated with the same careful attention. Once aligned with the legislation, the project team and safety coordinator ensure the policy is implemented. In addition to the HSE policy, HSE audits are carried out each year as part of a constant concern for continual progress.


We consider the environmental aspect at every stage of a project, from design to installation. Every element is designed to offer the best environmental performance, including energy saving, reduced energy consumption, product recovery or processing of by-products and waste.

  • Energy saving and water consumption
  • Resource efficiency (recovery loops)
  • Waste recovery and sorting
  • Biogas cogeneration


To guarantee production performance of the highest level, our primary objectives are to reduce time to market, optimise total cost of ownership and return on investment, and this from start to finish of a project.

This approach particularly focuses on the following criteria :

  • Production capacity
  • Product quality
  • Energy consumption
  • Product recovery
  • Cleaning efficiency


Steap Stailor group is founded on the combined values from the world of industry and sport. This is reflected in the group’s long-term sporting partnership with FC Grenoble Rugby which is still going strong after 20 years. The group upholds rugby’s values of complementarity, respect for others and shared commitment and these values unite us and strengthen our identity.

“The fascinating sport of rugby inspires courage and selflessness as well as a fighting spirit, all of which are essential for the development of our companies.” Jacques Chabut, Founder of Steap Stailor.

Founded in 1911, FC Grenoble Rugby has been a part of France’s rugby elite for decades. Deeply rooted in the Alpine area and the driving force of local sport, with its strength and determination FCG extends the region’s influence beyond France’s borders.

More than fifty years after the last Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble, the founding city of the Steap Stailor group, we have chosen to sponsor a young fencing athlete as she prepares for the next Olympics. Hoping to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Malina Vongsavady, from the Grésivaudan Valley near Grenoble, is a member of the French Fencing Team. Because sporting values are part of Steap Stailor Group’s DNA, we see ourselves in the dexterity, precision and speed of execution of each fencing bout.